Establishing the Scottish Energy Development Agency

SNP Conference votes overwhelmingly to establish a Scottish Energy Development Agency

EPRi is proud to be working with Common Weal and others to establish a Scottish Energy Development Agency, and the SEDA has now become the fifth of Common Weal's key policies for a fairer Scotland to be adopted by the SNP. See our media release here:

And our podcast here:

Huge thanks to Agnes McAuley at the Greenock and Inverclyde branch, Ronnie Cowan MP. Stuart McMillan MSP, and Chris Hanlon of the Trades Union group.

We'll use this page to keep you updated on progress and opportunities to help, but in the meantime please check out our original Powering Our Ambitions policy paper, which sets out the case for the SEDA, and our Just Warmth and Carbon-free, Poverty-free papers, which set out why the SEDA is needed to develop sustainable district heating networks and tackle the problem of lifting off gas-grid households out of fuel poverty. And there's even more in Common Weal's policy library.

Please check back here for updates, and please get in touch if there's anything you can do to help us with the hard work that now lies ahead 😀

Update 04/11/19 - Scottish Greens and the New Economics Foundation back establishing the SEDA

Some fantastic news today 😀 The New Economics Foundation has published their Re-energising Manufacturing report, and top of their list of recommendations is establishing the SEDA 😀 

And the Scottish Greens have adopted the SEDA in their Scottish Green New Deal paper 😀 - you can add your name to their petition here.

And Patrick Harvie has a great article in Commonspace here.

Update 09/11/19 - Common Weal launches the Common Homes Plan

The SEDA is one of the key components of Common Weal's fully-costed Common Homes Plan. For all you need to know please visit Common Weal's dedicated pages here.

Update 14/11/2019

Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK on the Common Homes Plan: "I think this is the best plan for a Green New Deal that I've seen".

Update 27/02/2020

The presentation I gave to the Nuclear Free Local Authorities group is now up here. Many thanks to Sean and Cathy 😀

There's a bit of a reveal at the end - more on that soon.

Update 22/06/2020

Things have been a bit quiet due to the Covid crisis but behind the scenes we've been working with Common Weal on the Resilient Scotland plan, which has had some great coverage featuring the SEDA and other big ideas in The National:   

Update 03/12/2020

Those of you with an eye on Scottish politics may be aware that there have been a few changes in the SNP over the weekend 😊 We'd like to congratulate all those involved, particularly Craig Berry and Rory Steel of the SNP Common Weal Group. All we'll say for now is watch this space. #AllOfUsFirst #EverythingMustChange