New article: As energy prices are due to rise, we can’t ignore the plight of those rationing their energy use

This is an updated version of an article I wrote for Common Weal last year, with an added sting in the tail, so I'm grateful to Energy Action Scotland for publishing it in full in the Spring edition of Energy Review, which you can find here:

Whilst EPRi is a non-party political organisation and is happy to work with elected representatives from across the political spectrum, there are times when the actions of a party, or at least its leadership, go so far against what they are supposed to stand for that the hypocrisy has to be called out. So, with the local elections looming, if you care about climate change, energy, and fuel poverty, then I'd urge you to consider the record of the Scottish Greens in government, and whether a vote for them is really a vote for what you believe in.

More to follow on this next week when the IPCC AR6 Working Group III report lands. We'll be issuing a media release highlighting the work of one MSP who has done far more than most on these issues, and the views of a party who have been quietly out-greening the Scottish Greens (and they're pro-independence, and no, they're not Alba).